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Booty Swing Showgirl

The Booty Swing Showgirl is a fun burlesque striptease with a 1920's feel.  In an extravagant costume complete with pink Vegas showgirl-esque headdress, Innocence will tantalise and tease the audience to electro-swing music and end with a tassel twirling Charleston finale!

Sweet Seduction

An act harking back to the golden age of burlesque,  Innocence will seduce the audience in a slow, heavenly strip to sultry jazz.  As the music grows, so does her performance with a splash of tongue-in-cheek comedy thrown in in true Innocence Bliss style.

Funk You Up

This act is guaranteed to get your feet tapping and booty shaking!  Innocence is full of energy as she shimmy and shakes to the hit song Uptown Funk.  Plenty attitude and lots of tassel twirling, this act has a surprise and satirical finale!

Laydee Rocket

This character comedy act sees Innocence transform into the Buckfast drinking, badass Laydee Rocket!  Showing the true side of Glaswegian burlesque, this act is down right dirty and guaranteed laughs.

Other acts avaliable...
Innocence can create bespoke acts for your event or show if suitable.  Previously, Innocence has performed balloon pop acts for celebrations and performed on stage with a live band.
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